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Catholic Culture Website Reviews (Top Items) -

The most recently reviewed Catholic websites.
  • – sharing the writing of the Early Church Fathers, the very first Christians, with our separated Christian brethren in the Bible Belt South! BibleBeltCatholics is a database of quotes and writing from the Early Church Fathers, the very first Christians, who lived from A.D. 100 to A.D. 787 with the death of St. John Damascene. Our goal is to demonstrate that the Teachings the Catholic Church believes, are not inventions or something made up by a Pope, Cardinal, bishop, or cleric of the Church, but, in fact, have always been part of what Catholic Christians call, the Deposit of Faith -- Teachings Jesus, His Apostles, and His Church left us to believe before His Glorious Ascension into Heaven. The site is divided into four time periods, three of which cover the patristic era. Now the Christian can trace one any of 50 different teachings from the first patristic era (to the) the second patristic era (to the) the third patristic era (right to) the Catechism of the Catholic Church! A time traveler slider is at the top of all relevant pages makes it easy to go from the first patristic era to the second patristic era to the third patristic era on any one topic. Then the visitor can compare what they have read from the Early Church and compare what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says. Within the first eight centuries of the Church's history up to 150 Christians are quoted, many of them are saints and martyrs.

  • is a lay Catholic support group of Catholic apologists, priest-helpers and grammarians, who work together to answer questions from anyone with a sincere heart about the Catholic Faith, and about what Catholics believe in general. They do the best we can to ensure all our answers are loyal to the Magisterium, which is the Teaching Authority of the Roman Catholic Church founded by Jesus, Our Lord. In addition, they have a secondary goal of assisting and promoting the development of other lay Catholic apologetics support groups at the parish level. They have been doing this primarily under the founding name of their web site, the Christifideles Pizza and Theology Society, (, since 1996. Their primary focus is two-fold: To clarify teachings and correct misperceptions about the only True Church Our Blessed Lord Jesus established on St. Peter, that is, the Roman Catholic Church. {} To promote Catholic support groups that are loyal to the Holy Father and to the Church's Magisterium. {} For those who may question the kind of Catholics they are, all the apologists who answer questions on the web site: Reaffirm and believe in all the Catholic Councils from Nicea to Vatican II. Discourage politicizing of any one Liturgy against the others, including: The Novus Ordo or Mass of the Ordinary Form

  • Helpers of the Holy Souls
    The mission of Helpers of the Holy Souls is to relieve and gain release for the suffering souls in Purgatory who can no longer help themselves. Their primary aim is to have Masses, said by selected priests, every day of the year for the Holy Souls. Their secondary aim is to share their apostolate with others who have a desire to replicate what they are doing. They accomplish this mission by holding monthly collections used solely to have Masses said for the Holy Souls and by having prayer meetings. The secondary aim is to share their apostolate with others who have a desire to replicate what they are doing.

  • Catholic Distance University
    Catholic Distance University was the first catechetical institute in the United States to receive official approval from the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy in 1983. CDU offers adults a carefully designed curriculum of doctrinal, moral and spiritual formation that combines the convenience of learning at home or at work with the academic benefits of a highly qualified faculty. The site serves as an introduction to CDU and as a resource for its students.

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