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Homiletic & Pastoral Review

America's foremost pastoral publication. Since 1900.
  • Homilies For October 2017
    26th Sunday in Ordinary Time—October 1, 2017 Readings: Ez. 18:25-28; Ps. 25:4-5, 6-7, 8-9; Phil. 2:1-(5)11; Mt. 21:28-32 Religion and Faith Often the Gospels describe a confrontation between Jesus and certain groups or classes. Generally, those groups represented the religious leadership of Israel. Unfortunately, they seem to have had a hard time accepting Jesus and his […]

  • Confession of Faith, Eucharist and Martyrdom - With Special Reference to Early Church Fathers of the East
    With Special Reference to Early Church Fathers of the EastIntroduction1 The Church of the first millennium was born of the blood of the martyrs: “Sanguis Martyrum – Semen Christianorum” (Tertullian). We will never understand Christian spirituality—what it is, and what makes it unique—unless we grasp the significance of martyrdom. The early Christians died because they […]

  • Further Dubia for the Confused
    The Holy Father is given very special graces to guide the Catholic Church, being the successor of Peter. He is the vicar of Christ to which I adhere. Yet, when reading his latest exhortation, Amoris laetitia, I feel confused. In 1998, Pope St. John Paul added something to the Code of Canon Law, and the […]

  • Under Eden’s Spell
    I do not think my students understand Christianity…. Many (students in class) are denominationally Roman Catholic. Some are Protestant. While childhood years spent in pews watching the liturgy or undergoing initiation rites of one sort or another certainly prepared them to recite creedal statements about their faith, few knew of “labor and sorrow” or of […]

  • Original Standing
    It is easy for anyone who takes religion seriously to become superstitious. Who has not thought before that his prayer is more or less powerful when he prays in a certain spot, or lets only the right words leave his lips? While most people do not fuss over everyday acts, the superstitious person makes a […]

  • Encountering Christ’s Love in the Sacraments
    In every way, the sacraments are about God’s love, fully revealed in Jesus Christ. In them, Jesus makes Himself present as the one who loves us “to the end” (Jn 13:1). In each Sacrament, He says: “I love you; I have given my life for you (Jn 15:13; Gal 2:20), and I want to love […]

  • Questions Answered
    Question: Can you explain to me just what is referred to as the “dark night of the soul” in the mystical life? Should all Christians experience these? Answer: The question of the dark night of the soul is central to any description of the progress of the soul in prayer. To understand what the mystical […]

  • Giving Nature Its Due—Even in Sacramental Matrimony
    One of the “hot” debates in Catholic circles this past decade has been the so-called “pure nature” debate. The basic question underlying the whole topic is: “How should we parse the interactions, so to speak, between nature and grace, the natural and the supernatural?” More traditional Thomistic thinkers are comfortable with distinguishing quite clearly nature […]

  • Meditations Upon the Virgin’s Virtues for Contemporary Clergy, Part 2
    This continues the meditation begun in Part 1, here. Generosity: Mark 3: 31-35 Before Dr. Phil, there was a story about a couple who sought marriage counseling. The wife went in to see the counselor first, and alone. And after she left, was her husband’s turn. But after talking with the counselor just a few […]

  • Disciple-Making with Mercenary Love - “Gold, Silver, Precious Stones"? Or “Wood, Hay, or Straw"?
    “Gold, Silver, Precious Stones"? Or “Wood, Hay, or Straw"?What is needed in these times to ignite a “new evangelization” that will return zeal and vigor to our Catholic parishes and dioceses? We certainly are in need of personal and ecclesial renewal that is faithful to our Lord, and to His call to us, that is authentic, […]

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